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AxCent's Artists List

We heavily rely on our extremely rich list of customers and endorsers to give the product the credibility it needs. Artists are shown in the order they became customers.

Denotes endorser or advisor status

Person Band
Jimmy Page  Page/Plant
Joe Perry Aerosmith
Dave Beegle  Fourth Estate
Tom Keifer  Cinderella
Mark Slaughter  Slaughter
Graham Nash  Crosby/Stills/Nash/Young
Ed Roland  Collective Soul
Glen Ballard Engineer / Producer
Masayuki Matsuyama Recording Artist
Pat Metheny  Solo Artist
Mick Fleetwood Fleetwood Mac
Robert Hunter The Grateful Dead
Kenny Loggins  Singer / Songwriter
Paul Logus  Producer / Mixing Engineer
Art Alexakis  Everclear
Cameron Morgan  Solo Artist
Oliver Leiber  Studio Musician
David Lynch  Movie / Audio Producer
Peter Buck Rem
Eddie VanHalen VanHalen
Peter Frampton  Solo Artist
Sonny landreth  Solo Artist
Jeff Martin  Tea Party
Pete Townshend The Who
Paul Allen Microsoft
Patrick Leonard Producer
Buddy Miller  Emilou Harris
Randy Saxon  Mama Said
Scotty Burton  Solo Artist
Nile Rodgers Producer
Jamey Faulkner  Solo Artist
Randy Jackson  Zebra
Matthew Curran  The Matthew Curran Band
William Eaton Solo Artist
Tony Catania  Solo Artist, Jason Bonham
Rick Springfield  Solo Artist
Peter Cunnah  Shane
Bill Prichard  Solo Artist / Stu Hamm
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Once I saw the thing was real, I could immediately see its possibilities in a multitude of situations. It’s accurate, it’s fast, and it makes people’s eyes pop out
Jimmy Page

It works
Jimmy Page

People always think the guitar is reaching its limits…. But who knows? It's just a matter of somebody's imagination. Look at something like the TransPerformance automatic tuning system that allows you to store over a hundred different tunings. That opens all kinds of possibilities.
Jimmy Page
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It’s a phenomenal thing. Any musicians out there that play in tunings, you have to get this system. It’s unbelievable.

Graham Nash

This guitar allows me to get to the vision of music I have in my head, faster. And to me that’s a great advantage

Graham Nash

Crosby, Stills and Nash play in a lot of tunings, and to just hit a couple of buttons and be able to move with complete accuracy from one tuning to another within two seconds is a truly amazing thing.

Graham Nash

It provides freedom. You don't have to take six guitars with you if you're going to use six tunings throughout a show. You only need one guitar

Graham Nash

It might push your mind into writing in a way that was not available because you could never change guitars fast enough to keep the flow going.

Graham Nash

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It's the most revolutionary guitar invention I've ever seen. I was blown away by it

Tom Keifer, Cinderella

Guitar Magazine 1995
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Just picking up the guitar, immense ideas come flowing and pouring out

Mark Slaughter

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This guitar is worth whatever it takes to make it work


Robert Hunter

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Neil, you’re the MAN!


Jeff Pevar

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Placeholder image A million thanks for a trillion tunings in my ‘shape shifter’ – amazing.

Sonny Landreth


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Truly amazing! TransPerformance has opened up a new world of possibilities for writing music on guitar.

Randy Jackson


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This guitar gives you another world of possibilities.

Ed Roland, Collective Soul

I think somebody is going to come in and master this thing and there's gonna be another level of guitar playing.

Ed Rolland

The first day I had it I wrote two songs. I had no idea what I was playing or what it was. It opens up different tunings that I would never tune my guitar to. … You just experiment more.

Ed Rolland

Everybody (in my band) was wanting to play it. This is something that will never go out of style.

Ed Rolland

Then I bought that TransPerformance DTS-1 tunable guitar…. a really useful tool for songwriting. 'Cause there were no boundaries.

Ed Rolland

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It's f***ing impossible! But now it's not!

C.C. Deville (Poison, Samantha 7)

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  • Mike Mahoney


    I took the leap and bought a Strat with the Performer system without trying one first, and trust me, I am totally satisfied. The tuning system does what they claim, and of all the guitars I have held in my hands (getting goose bumps here) my new TransPerformance Strat is by far the finest instrument I have ever played

    Dear Mr. Skinn,
    I have received, setup, played, sold, and serviced every major brand and model of custom guitars since 1971. I managed Mahoney's Pro Music and Drum Shop in Las Vegas from 1971-1995.Of all the guitars I have held in my hands (getting goose bumps here) my new TransPerformance strat is by far the finest instrument I have ever played. I own vintage and modern Gibson and Fender guitars, etc... etc... I will keep collecting and playing them. This is not that. You hear this all the time you have to put it in your hands to believe it." Well, guess what? If you don't, you are missing out.

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  • Gavin McGowen


    The speed, accuracy and scope of this remarkable invention will not only blow your mind, but open new uncharted landscapes of creativity. Thanks for making a truly ingenious product. Guitar playing will never be the same again.

    The challenge of a musician; especially one creating his/her own material is getting the sounds one hears in ones head out so others can experience them. These sounds aren't necessarily accessible within the physical restrictions of standard tuning or any other one tuning for that matter. Though standard is an excellent starting point it certainly has both its limitations and advantages. I incorporate a myriad of bizarre unorthodox tunings in my songwriting. This enables me to finger voicings unattainable in standard tuning as well as allowing me to attain new modal possibilities and lush overtones that I could not achieve otherwise. To be perfectly in tune all the time no matter what the tuning is, even if one wishes to stray from the A440hz concert pitch norm to explore other frequencies, the freedom and ability of going there instantly with a touch of a button is truly amazing. My most significant challenge especially in a live setting working with other musicians has always been the constant retuning, capos, changing of guitars, not to mention the crowd’s impatience. I will never have to worry about that again. I don't have to compromise my music any more with restrictions of time, guitars or inability to finger that perfect chord that the song calls for. The speed, accuracy and scope of this remarkable invention will not only blow your mind but open new uncharted landscapes of creativity. Thanks Neil for making a truly ingenious product. Guitar playing will never be the same again.

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  • Bill Prichard


    Hey Neil!

    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know things are getting pretty bad around here! I've been held up in a tiny studio since Sunday night and I refuse to come out! I haven't slept, eaten, taken a shower or even brushed my teeth! My wife and kid are threatening to leave, even the dog is concerned. And its all because of the new guitar, this thing is nuts! Over the edge! Off the radar! Anyway, I’m taking my first break while I burn you a CD of what I did with it on day one. It’s not perfect but its fun to listen to...I'm playing in 4 different tunings and I change a total of 12 times from beginning to end. I'm tentatively naming it "Transformation". Its just guitar and drums, hope you enjoy it! thanx for the crazy ax!

    Best regards,

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  • Richie Zoppo


    I’ve learned more about music since I got my Performer™ than I’ve learned in the last 30 years. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent!

    (6 months after receiving his Performer™ system)

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  • Mysty Johnson


    Kudos to you guys, you're a damn GENIUSES, seriously! This has made my boyfriends playing way better in many ways… to name a few, instead of worrying about out of tune or special tuning his guitar for certain songs...he's now able to NOT worry with that & be more relaxed and focused on playing and singing. Also, it has made the transition from electric to acoustic a lot less hectic, with all the switching out of guitars and all. Amazing, and I have never seen him happier!

    (1 year after Richie Zoppo received his Performer™)

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  • Oscar Finizia


    I am soooooooooo happy with your guitar. I would not trade it for all their guitars in the world.

    (2 years after receiving his Performer™)

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