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How much time do I get on the battery?

Placeholder image Depending on how the system is used, the battery will generally supply enough power to make 250 tuning changes. Even the most aggressive players making several tuning changes each minute would be hard-pressed to wear this battery down in a four hour show. With no tuning changes, the battery will keep the system powered for several days.

Does the system try to tune the strings all the time?

No, the only time the system tries to tune the strings is when the user presses the Touch Up button (TCH). If it constantly tried to keep the strings in tune, the system would decrease the tension of the strings if they were bent or fretted, and the guitar could not change tuning while being played.

Does the system support a tremolo?

No, the Performerâ„¢ tuning system does not support a tremolo.

Can my guitar repairman install the system?

No, the installation of the Performer™ model is only done here at our shop. We use special milling tools and a CNC machine to rout the cavities and a complex computer based testing platform during the installation.

Where can I see one?

We only sell the Performer™ direct to the customer and do not have a showroom or demonstration models in retail stores. However, our customers are known for their willingness to demonstrate their systems with if we give them some notice. Please give us a call and we will try to arrange a demonstration for you.

Do you sell kits?

No, we custom install every Performer™ system here at our shop. We use special milling tools and a CNC machine to rout the cavities and a complex computer based platform during final testing. The complexity of the installation precludes us from offering do-it-yourself kits.

Do you make an acoustic solution?

Yes, we use our Piezo Rocker Bridge in two different solutions for the acoustic player. In the first solution we add the Piezo Rocker Bridge to any electric guitar installation which gives the electric guitar the ability to have a magnetic output, piezo output, and a blending of the two. In our second solution we add the Piezo Rocker Bridge to the Gibson Chet Atkins SST™ model. A detailed description of the acoustic solutions can be found in the Piezo Rocker Bridge section of the Accessories page and the Chet Atkins™ section of the Self-Tuning Guitars page of this Website.

Do you do custom projects?

Yes, we do custom projects. If you would like to explore the possibilities of having custom work done, please call us at 970-482-9132.

Is the Performer™ offered in a left-hand version?

No, we do not offer a left-hand version of the Performer™ system at this time.
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