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State of the Art Technology:

Placeholder imageThe Performer™ brings state-of-the-art technology to the performing arts. A computer mounted inside your guitar controls six small motors, each connected to one guitar string. At the push of a button or foot switch, motors are activated and string tensions are adjusted. New tunings are created in seconds with absolute precision. This system gives you the ability to choose from many thousands of distinct tuning possibilities. The Performer™ comes to you with 336 pre-set tunings and room for you to add and store 72 more in memory.

Fast, Simple, Awesome:

Using the Performer™ is a snap. Just plug in your guitar, touch it up and go. Within minutes you will be jumping between tunings and playing riffs you’ve never thought of before. Programming your favorite tunings, storing them in memory, changing strings and touching up the system are just as simple. We’ll send all the documentation and provide all the technical support you need.

Alternate tunings in seconds:

If you own ten guitars, it’s possible to play a song in ten tunings. But try playing rhythm in open-G, switching to standard tuning for your solo, transposing down a whole step for the bridge, then back to open-G for the next verse. With the Performer™, it’s not only possible but fast, easy and precise. You can switch tunings at the touch of a button and access hundreds of tuning while you play.

A Creative Revolution for the Performing Artist:

The Performer™, a computer-controlled tuning system, will revolutionize the way you write and play music. Whether you do your best creative work onstage, in the studio or with a paper and pen, the performer™ will and the new dimension to your creative abilities.

Introducing the SK1

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