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The Purchase Process

Once you’ve decided to make a purchase, our sales department can assist you filling out the forms and ensuring that you have considered all aspects of your purchase. We want to be sure that you receive the absolute best match of products and accessories for your playing needs. The entire purchase process is outlined in the steps below.
  1. Call AxCent’s sales department at (970) 482-9132.

  2. Our sales staff will assist you deciding which products, accessories and custom services you need, determining the purchase price, and filling out an Order Acknowledgement form.

  3. Ship the guitar (if applicable) to:
    AxCent Tuning Systems LLC
    2513 Pinecone Circle,
    Fort Collins, CO 80525-6619.

  4. An initial payment of 50% is accepted by the company.

  5. AxCent will inspect the guitar to ensure that it can be retrofitted with the Performer™ Tuning System and determine if a declared value is appropriate for the guitar.

  6. Upon acceptance, AxCent will modify the Order Acknowledgement as needed, and return a signed copy to the customer and work will begin.

  7. AxCent will notify you of the expected ship date and again when the guitar is near completion.
  8. The Performer™ is shipped to you after final payment is received.
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Product The Performer Price
L-PER Les Paul installation $3,500.00
T-PER Telecaster installation $3,500.00
A-PER Chet Atkins Solid Body Acoustic Installation $5,500.00
SC-2 Service Contract - 2 year warranty Extension
PerformertmTuning System includes installation, manual, power supply, power cable, foot switch, and one year warranty.
PIEZ Piezo Rocker Bridge, available on selected $1,000.00
GT-3 Synthesizer output to 13 pin jack $750.00
R-BAT Rechargeable Battery $200.00
PAK Battery Pouch for Strap $50.00
CBL-1 Battery Power Cable $85.00
BCH-1 Battery Charging Cable $85.00
FSW-1 Foot switch $85.00
ACC-1 Battery Accessory Kit
Battery Acessory Kit includes 1 rechargeable battery, 1 AC battery charger, 1 charging cable, 1 battery power cable & 1 strap battery pouch.
Parts, Upgrade & Services
TS-50 Online techanical Consulting $50/hr
FSS Full System Service $275.00
SU-7.0 Software Upgrade to Ver 7.0 $275.00
PWR-1 Power Supply with 1 battery charger $525.00
CBL-10 Studio Cable - 10ft. $85.00
CBL-22 Stage Cable - 22ft. $85.00
LCD LCD Readout $225.00
PBF Push Button Flex Assembly $165.00
PBB Push Button Bezel $110.00
RBride Precision Roller Bridge $275.00
SLock Custom String Lock $165.00
HexPU Hex Pickup Bracket $110.00
Hflex Head Flex Assembly $225.00
Mag-12 Upgrade to 12 magnets $165.00
CServ Custom Service Call for pricing

Prices current as of   September 2023

Gibson and Les Paul are registered trademarks of Gibson USA.

Telecaster and Stratoscaster are registered trademarks of Fender Instruments Corp.


The system comes with a one year limited warranty, and we also offer a two year extension for an additional $300.

Declared Value

There is no need to have the guitar appraised. The declared value is simply to establish the replacement value for the guitar if it is harmed during the installation process. We discuss the replacement value with the customer when the order is placed and value is set in line with our new guitar replacement deals with the manufacturers. The Declared Value provides assurance to the customer that if their guitar were harmed during the installation, AxCent will return a guitar that is as good as or better than the guitar that was sent.

Direct Sales

Currently we sell direct to the customer to keep the retail price as low as possible. As a result, we do not have any distributors or retailers that can demonstrate the product for you. We use our rich list of artists and endorsers as testimony that the system does what we claim. Please contact our sales department to see if a demonstration can be arranged.
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We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Paypal, certified checks, money orders, personal checks (subject to clearance) and direct deposit. We accept 50% down when orders are placed with the balance paid in full prior to return shipping the guitar. The customer is responsible for payment of all items purchased as well as fees for custom work, applicable taxes, shipping and handling, insurance, imposts and extended limited warranty charges. Other arrangements may be acceptable.

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