• Features
  • Benefits
Touch Up with a Single Strum
Thousands of Tunings to Choose From
Create and Store Up To 96 of Your Own Tunings
Use Any of the 336 Preset Tunings in Permanent Memory
Open, Chordal, Modal, Unison, Dissonant Tunings & More
Quickly find Inversions of your Tunings for Easier Fingering
Change Tunings with the Push of a Button or Foot switch
Quick Access to STD Tuning from any other Tuning
Create and Store Up To 16 Tuning Progressions
Tunings and Notes are Displayed on the LCD
Temper Individual Notes, Strings & Tunings
Adjust the Speed of Your Tuning Changes
Quick Pitch Adjust Sharp or Flat
Power Supply or Battery
Quick Capo Touch up
On Screen Tuner
Back Lit LCD
Opens New Tuning Territories
Inspirational Song Writing Tool
Compose Songs in Multiple Tunings
Change Tuning or Pitch While You Play
Tuning Change Can Be Used As an Effect in Itself
Pitch Adjustable to Match Vocal Range or Prerecorded Source
Tuning Change Can Be Synced to Match the Tempo of a Song
Compensates for Neck Warp, Temperature and Humidity
Precise Well-Tempering for Specific Key Tunings
Avoid Embarrassing Tuning Problems on Stage
Back Lit LCD Easily Viewed on a Dark Stage
Saves Time and Money in the Studio
Reduce Need for Additional Guitars
No Computer Skills Required
Sustain Actually Increased
Tone Quality Increased