• Piezo Rocker Bridge
  • Synthesizer
  • Battery Accessory Kit

Piezo Rocker Bridge
MSRP $1000.00

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The Piezo Rocker Bridge is our solution for those who need an acoustic self-tuning guitar. This bridge is the only one of its kind in the world. The Piezo Rocker Bridge provides superior piezo sound, frictionless movement at the bridge saddles, and keeps the string intonation length constant. This bridge uses the highest quality electronics. We have incorporated the Highlander IP-1 preamp and coaxial piezo element into this design. The customer chooses the placement of the volume on/off control and the configuration of the audio output. Either a stereo jack or two mono outputs are offered.


We use our Piezo Rocker Bridge in two different solutions for the acoustic player. In the first solution we add the Piezo Rocker Bridge to any electric guitar installation which gives the electric guitar the ability to have a magnetic output, piezo output, and a blending of the two.


In our second solution we add the Piezo Rocker Bridge to the Gibson Chet Atkins SST™ model. The Gibson Chet Atkins SST™ model was chosen because it was originally designed to incorporate the top of the line Highlander electronics.


The Gibson Chet Atkins SST™ model has been discontinued from the Gibson™ line, however, used models can be found on eBay and through many guitar stores. If you are interested in a Gibson Chet Atkins SST™ installation, please give us a call and we will help you locate one.

output to 13 pin jack
MSRP $750.00

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We’ve outdone ourselves on this one; just imagine combining the features of the Performer™ with a synthesizer!!! The outputs of the Performer’s™ hex pickup (located just forward of the bridge) are processed by the Performer’s™ on-board computer and are then sent to the Roland GT-3 Pickup Kit (installed in the guitars audio pocket) and output to the 13 pin synth jack (located next to the guitar’s audio jack).

If you play a synth, you’ll love this modification. Our hex pickup enables superb tracking of the strings and superior accuracy. Give your performance a boost with the sounds of strings, keyboards, horns and even 12-string emulation in virtually any tuning. You can plug into any synthesizer on the market today that runs from the 13 pin jack. This upgrade is truly fun.

Battery Accessory Kit
MSRP $250.00

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The Performer™ can operate completely wireless if the external battery is used in tandem with a wireless audio transmitter. The accessory kit includes a rechargeable battery, guitar strap battery carrier, cables and battery charging system. The battery accessory kit sells for $250.00.